Some questions frequently ask are answered here.

What is the hourly rate you charge?
We charge $85 per service hour in 30 minutes increments.  Each service call is a minimum 90 minute charge.

Do you accept Master card or Visa card?
Sorry, not at this time. Cash or check only

During what times is your service available?
Anytime!  We are open 24/7 - this means if you need our service at 9pm, we will be there for you!

Do you charge a fee for traveling?
In general no, except for service calls to Pahrump.

Do you service Apple computers?
Only the networking aspect of connecting your Apple computer to an existing Windows network.

Do you service Linux computers or networks?
We are experienced with Internet systems like FTP & Apache web server.  We also setup and maintain Intranet systems including Samba print and file share setups.

Is all work performed at my location?
We prefer to perform all work onsite, however occasionally it is required to work on your system in our facility.  This most often is the case for difficult virus removal or data recovery after a hard disk crash.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

You can reach us at (877) 416 4286

You can also email us e-mail using this form: Email Form

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