We offer the following services:

System upgrades:

  • upgrade or repair your Windows operation system
  • memory upgrades
  • CD, DVD, CDR and DVD-R drive install
  • hard disk, motherboard and processor upgrades

System recovery:

  • recovery or removal of forgotten passwords
  • virus removal
  • hard disk or system crash recovery

Networking services:

  • setup of internet access via dial-up, DSL or cable modem
  • Resource sharing like Internet sharing or printer sharing
  • File sharing (Peer, Windows, Linux)
  • Network security, firewall and router install
  • Remote access
  • Wired and wireless network setup

We are a Las Vegas based company serving the Las Vegas Valley and Boulder City and Pahrump.
We are currently we are offering services in the following geographic areas:

  • the greater Las Vegas area
  • Boulder City
  • Pahrump

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